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Pangea Origins

Pangea Origins is an all-natural performance enhancer designed to decrease post exercise soreness and improve overall health of people over the age of 40.  It was designed by a scientist to use concentrated amounts of fruits and vegetables to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and increase mitochondrial volume. 

Reduced soreness after exercise will help adults continue personal training regimens and improve their results. Your customers will feel better, perform better and continue training longer. This improves overall health, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure levels and reduces blood sugar. For personal trainers, Pangea Origins is a win/win.

We have 30 top Masters Crossfitters who use and endorse the product- most are Games athletes, some are podium finishers at Masters Weightlifting or Masters Triathletes. They are not paid to endorse us- they do because they believe in the results.

Pangea Biomedical Wholesale Program

Banner program: Gym/affiliate refers customers to our website to purchase via use of a graphic banner or a coupon code which customers can use to purchase via our website. We can use our graphics or use yours- your choice.


Your affiliate program is connected to our shopping cart. We receive the order,collect the paymenr, and ship the product to your customer. You have your own dashboard to see how much you have made.  Affiliates use either a direct link (unique to them) or a coupon code (unique to you). Checks are sent out to you monthly (subject to a 1099 at the end of the year).

Affiliates receive 20% of all sales made via clicking the link on your website or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email OR 20% of any sales made via their coupon code. 

To register as an affiliate

  1. Email joan@pangeabiomedical.com for an affiliate code.
  2. If you would like a custom graphic for flyers or Facebook, send a photo of yourself, age and profession/sport
  3. When you receive an affiliate link, clink on the link to add your mailing address (to receive checks).
  4. Pangea will email you the graphic, coupon code and direct link.