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Origins won’t make you younger. But it’s likely to make you feel that way.

Origins is a daily supplement expressly designed to improve the health and performance of active adults.

Origins by Pangea is a dietary supplement specifically designed for masters athletes and physically active adults.  It was created by Loren Bertocci, a PhD biochemist who is also a competitive swimmer, triathlete and Olympic-style weightlifter. Dr. Bertoccis 20 year research focus has been on cellular aging which has allowed him to create exactly the supplement he wanted to take himself as his performance began to degrade with age. 

Origins is a natural supplement that allows older masters to train harder, longer and with less post exercise soreness.  In exercising adults, Origins triggers your metabolism to switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. This results in a decrease in body fat and an increase in endurance.

Humans evolved as plant eaters.  While protein (meat) is necessary for physical health, our cellular function was built on a plant foundation. Unfortunately, plants have changed over the past 6,000 years and no longer provide all of the nutrition our cells need. During the past 6,000 years, our ancestors have chosen the least bitter plants to grow in their gardens.

This selective breeding produces plants which provide more sugar/starch based nutrition to feed greater numbers of people. We have become very adept at it- but in the process, have changed the biochemistry of plants to include more sugars and starches and less of the plant nutrients which helped human cells become most effective.

The cumulative effect of this is the fact that wild dandelions have seven times more vital nutrients than spinach, which we consider a superfood. A purple potato has 28 times more anthocyanins than common russet potatoes. One older species of apple has 100 times more total nutrients than the Golden Delicious.

As we age, our cells develop cumulative damage from conditions in the modern world- pollution, chemicals, stress and general cell aging, are all contributing factors. These changes are part of the reason that people over 40 are more fatigued, recover slower and have weaker immune systems than when they were younger.  Pangea Origins was designed to return your cells to their most effective with the natural plant nutrients missing from your diets. 

So, what does this mean? It means that dietary supplementation with Origins will improve cellular health, increase exercise capacity, and lessen post-exercise muscle and joint soreness and increase your endurance while exercising. For the physically-active masters aged individual, it functions as your own personal training enhancer, allowing you to get more out of every workout.

Have any questions?  Connect directly with Dr. Bertocci on Facebook @pangeabiomedical.

    Try Origins, and discover what’s waiting within you. It’s probably a lot more than you think. 

    Pangea Biomedical. Potential knows no age.


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