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The Science of Origins
by Dr. Loren A Bertocci, Director of Science and Research 


Although I spend my working hours as a biochemist, I spend my recreational hours as a competitive athlete. This has been a symbiotic relationship as I have redirected my research to examine the options available to assist masters-aged athletes continue to be athletic successes. Our first product, Human Origins, contains a broad array of molecules that do exactly this, and is designed with several completely unique attributes.

First is the range of beneficial effects. The molecules in this product all exhibit one or more of the following effects: (1) stimulation of the growth of new mitochondria; (2) attenuation of post-exercise muscle and joint soreness; (3) augmentation of cardiac metabolism; (4) augmentation of several reactions involved in managing and balancing the need for oxidation vs the need to support anti-oxidation reactions; (5) an improved ability to use fat as a fuel (thus sparing the use of carbohydrates) during exercise; and (6) generalized effects on cellular health. Every one of these effects will provide noticeable as well as long-term benefits to the masters-aged athlete.

Second is the dosing. This product is designed to allow self-dosing. The nominal dosage is just that, the nominal dosage, idealized for someone age 40 who is physically active but below the level of competition. As a function of increased training volume and intensity as well as a function of age, the dosage should probably be increased. For someone my age (soon to be in the 65+ age group) who trains as hard as I do (2+ hours per day), I take double the nominal dose.

Finally, the product formulation is a living-breathing organism. Its constituents and concentrations will be modified each and every time new and relevant research is published that indicates an improvement is justified. With my academic background, I am ideally suited to do exactly this. Why is this so important? Because not only does no one know everything, with every new relevant publication, I will take the opportunity to improve the very product I consume daily.

For anyone who wants more detail descriptions of any of the underlying science, we will be producing a series of monographs describing each molecule. These are listed below.

Alpha Lipoic Acid