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Top performance in middle age and beyond isn’t a secret.

Performance is the science of diet, exercise, hard work and safe supplements that are based on science not hype. 

Team Pangea is a group of people who believe in our products and exemplify our core values. They train hard, work hard, and above all, contribute to making our world a better place. They are active in animal rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, human rights, teaching and other professions that give back to the world around them. We are proud to donate 10% of our profits to support athletes over the age of 40 who prove to the world that there is no age limit on potential.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Team Pangea, contact Billy Goodson at bgoodson@pangeamasters.com.  If you are an athlete who needs financial support for a competition, contact one of our team-

Team Pangea

Dennis Murphy

Dennis Moore, 48, Triathlon, Running

Dennis started his triathlon career in the sprint distance in the spring of 2009 and made quick work of moving up into the Olympic distance triathlon.

Dennis will represent the United States at the 2017 World Triathlon Age Group Championships in Rotterdam in September, 2017.  Dennis qualified for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Age Group National Championships for the Olympic distance triathlon that were held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Nebraska. 

Dennis' main Discipline distance has been Olympic distance triathlons - (1500m swim, 25 mile bike, 10k run)

He competed in his first ever Draft Legal Sprint triathlon, (750m swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run) which was also a World Qualifier race and came in 2nd place. He will be going to Rotterdam Netherlands in September 2017 to represent Team USA Age Group division.

He is currently ranked #33 (45-49 age group) in the Southeast United States and #560 in the National Rankings for standard triathlon.

He has completed several half or 70.3 distances, and was also a member of the 2015 PCP Race Cycling team. He competed in 5 weekend races including criterion races and many road races ranging from 32 miles up to 55 miles in length.

He is also an avid short and long distance runner having either won or been in the top 3 finishers of several 5, 10k and half marathons. He has competed in his local Albany, Ga Snickers Marathon the past 3 years. He qualified for the 2017 Boston marathon with his 2016 marathon.

Billy Goodson, 52, Georgia
With medals and several world records in Crossfit and weightlifting, Billy is a pretty strong guy. He also has a soft side. An avid beekeeper, he can be found rescuing swarms from all over South Georgia and nurturing them back to thriving communities in his back yard.

Franks Colavita, 52, Wisconsin
With several Crossfit Games appearances and medals in weightlifting, Frank is one of the strongest men in the world over 50. He's also one of the greatest. A former smoker, drinker and party guy in the financial world, Frank turned his life around and now coaches kids and adults to better, healthier lifestyles.


Duprie Moon Sr, 48, Indiana
Duprie is one of the worlds top Crossfitter and weightlifting athletes.  He earned the Gold Medal at the 2017 USA Masters Championships in 105+ in the 45+ age group class. A devoted husband, father and grandfather, Duprie is an electrical educator who spends his free time as an rescue dog advocate and has 3 rescue dogs who love his ranch in Eastern Indiana. Local rumor has it that Duprie is so good,he can teach a beagle to stay out of the trash...


Marilou Seiff, 64, California
A 3 time Crossfit Games participant, Marilou is one of the fittest women in the  world. Marilou is a marine biologist where, as the CEO of the Marine Science Institute, she teaches children to respect and steward the marine environment.

Dallas Broussard, 62, California
Retired from law enforcement, Dallas is one of the true "good guys". A husband, father and grandfather, role model, nutrition coach, crossfitter and weightlifter, Dallas has it all and shares it unhesitatingly with everyone around him.

Dr. Sally Goldman, 53, California/St Louis
Mathematician, college professor, and crossfit/weightlifting athlete, Sally is a role model for reaching fitness goals. At age 49, overweight and completely out of shape, she walked into a gym and 2 years later, emerged one of the fittest, strongest women in the world over the age of 50. With a 255 lb backsquat, 170 lb bench press, 347 lb deadlift, Sally has some great skills besides math. And in the month since turning 53, Sally hit a 175 lb clean.WOW

Dr. Lesley Procter, 60, New Zealand
With a strong performance record in crossfit internationally and nationally,
and many national records in olympic lifting and powerlifting, Lesley is strong,
fit and smart. When not on the winners platform, Leslie is a Professor of
Sociology focused on gender equity and social justice issues. Lesleys
graduate thesis was on mother-daughter relationships- showing that Lesley
is not afraid of anything.

Susan Habbe, 52, Montana
A 5 time veteran of the physically grueling Crossfit Games, Susan
is as tough as it gets. This 133 lb woman can lift 162 lbs of iron
above her head and does handstand pushups at lightning speed. Susan
spent 30 years blessing others as a special needs teacher.

Del Lafountain, 58, Lake Tahoe, CA
A former competitive skiier and triathlete, and now a Crossfit champion,
Del is a guy who can truly do it all. In 2015, Del became the first person
at the Crossfit Games to compete for the title of Fittest Man in the World
with an artificial knee. How? He convinced his knee surgeon to make a custom
bevel in his leg bones before connecting them to an artificial knee to allow
him to squat a loaded barbell below parallel. If he were not such a great guy,
we would call him a badass.

Diane Stuart, 52, California
What do you call a Crossfit Games podium finisher, discus champion,
police sniper, SWAT team member, police chief and mother? Like most who know
her agree, there are simply no words to describe the awesomeness of Diane
Stuart. Diane is the law enforcement person we all want in our city and
the friend we all want at our back.

Derek "Spike" Richards, 42, Mississippi
At 185 lbs, Spike Richards is strong- he can lift twice his body weight (C&J).
Not much slows Spike down- when he broke his leg, he substituted seated presses
(220 lbs) for standing ones. The one thing Spike always has time for besides
work and lifting heavy stuff is his kids and his gym students-

Monique Madison Bowles, 57, Oregon
Genuine kindness pretty awesome... And let's be honest — it's rare. Monique
is a crossfit beast and veteran of the Crossfit Games...but an even more awesome person. Monique (MoJo) is one of those people who brings sunshine everywhere she goes- a tough gig in the Pacific Northwest!

Jim "Claw" Cordes, 54, Southern California
Outside the gym, Claw is one of the funniest guys we know...but inside, he's
all business, with a 315 deadlift and a darn good Pier to Peak half marathon
time. Outside the gym, Claw is an attorney- fighting for the little guys..

Brian Stutes, 42, Texas
Brian is the guy we all want at our back. A veteran of the US Navy where he
was rescue diver, Brian is now a firefighter and brings his kind, caring spirit
to his community, family and his gym. A gym owner and coach, Brian
competes at the top levels of Crossfit and Strongest Firefighter series.

Dr.Robin Cadmus, 60, California
Team Pangea are all animal people- so who better to have on the team than
veterinarian Dr. Robin Cadmus. Robin, her husband and daughter are all vets,
caring for our furry friends like family. When she's not saving the lives of
our best friends, she can be found at Crossfit Oakdale where she is anything
but soft.

Shawn Metcalf, 42, Ohio
"Sans Reproche", is the name of Shawns Crossfit Gym. From downhill bike racing to open water swimming, and crossfit, Shawn is, indeed, "without fear".  From team member to coach and friend, Shawn represents the best and strongest of the Buckeye State and Team Pangea.

Crystal McCullough, 40, North Carolina

 Crystal is first and foremost an Army wife and mom to a 13-year-old weightlifting beast. She has a Masters Degree (MSN) in Nurse Education, however, she gave up nursing for the time being to pursue her passion of running her own CrossFit Gym. She is the Affiliate Owner and General Manager/Head Coach of CrossFit Haymount in Fayetteville, NC. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2010. She has competed and podiumed at local events and nationally in Powerlifting. She qualified and competed at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival in the XPC Powerlifting Finals. She has been coached by some of the best Strength & Conditioning coaches to include CrossFit Games athlete Nate Schrader, former NFL football player Scott Paltos, and most recently (and currently) Travis Mash of Mash Elite Performance. She competed at the 2016 USAPL Raw Nationals placing 6th overall in 72k Masters 40-44 with 792 total. Best lifts are 286# Back Squat, 175# Bench Press, and 350# Deadlift. She has also hit a 300# squat in knee wraps! Long-term goals include hitting a 300# squat without the wraps, 200# bench press, and 375# deadlift. She also wants to qualify for the Masters ‘Regional’ top 200 in the Open and eventually make it to the CrossFit Games as a Master.