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You're smarter than you were at 20. Shouldn't your supplement choice be smarter too?

Did you ever walk in to a supplement store and have no idea which product is right for you? Did you ever wonder if you should take the same supplements at age 45 that you took at age 25?   

Metabolic changes begin happening to everyone around age 35. These changes include decreased metabolic rate, insulin insensitivity, increased inflammation, changes in gastric acid, reduced mitochondrial volume and reduced ability to absorb protein.

Our mission is simple: We utilize the most advanced science available to identify the most effective ingredients, buy from the top suppliers, produce them in an FDA certified manufacturing facility and have them tested again by Banned Substance Control Group to ensure that you will never, ever, fail an anti doping test.

Pangea Biomedical produces products that our scientists take themselves and recommend to their own family and friends.