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Marilou Seiff, 64, California

Marilou Seiff, 64, California
A 3 time Crossfit Games participant, Marilou is one of the fittest women in the
world. Marilou is a marine biologist where, as the CEO of the Marine Science
Institute, she teaches children to respect and steward the marine environment.

Franks Colavita, 52, Wisconsin

Franks Colavita, 52, Wisconsin
With several Crossfit Games appearances and medals in weightlifting, Frank is
one of the strongest men in the world over 50. He's also one of the greatest.
A former smoker, drinker and party guy in the financial world, Frank turned
his life around and now coaches kids and adults to better, healthier lifestyles.

Billy Goodson, 53, Georgia

Billy Goodson, 53, Georgia
With medals and several world records in Crossfit and
weightlifting, Billy is a pretty strong guy. He also has a
soft side. An avid beekeeper, he can be found rescuing
swarms from all over South Georgia and nurturing them back
to thriving communities in his back yard.